Although men traditionally spend less time caring for their skin than women do, they spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions. ‚Äč

Fruit Oil Facial Cleanser 50ml


Fruit Oil Facial Cleanser 50ml CFOC50

Fruit Oil (Facial) Cleanser - Specially formulated using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, to thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it looking and feeling fresh and revitalised. It softens and moisturises the skin while it thoroughly cleanses and promotes the exfoliation process.

Natural Ingredients:

Watermelon Oil, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Organic Sunflower, Kukui Nut, Jojoba, Abyssinian Oil, Cucumber Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Lime, Organic Pink Grapefruit, Organic Honey, Myrtle, Jasmine Oil, Vitamin E.

Directions for Usage:

Wet the area you wish to cleanse. Vigorously rub a few drops of the Fruit Oil Facial Cleanser into the pours of the skin using a circular motion, working gently over the sensitive areas. Leave for two to three minutes at activate the rinse off in cool water and pat dry.
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